August 10th - 11th 2018

Accra, Ghana

A place where Pythonistas meet!

PyCon Ghana is organized by volunteers and python enthusiasts from the python programming community in Ghana. We expect speakers from Africa and the rest of the world. We will announce the venue soon. The two day conference will bring together students, professionals, experts and enthusiasts who wish to share their knowledge and passion about Python and related technologies. Its purpose is to increase the visibility of developers, organizations, and companies within the community and all necessary stakeholders. The conference is suited for all skill levels, from beginners to expert developers.

ADD TO MY CALENDAR 08/10/2018 08:00 AM 08/11/2018 06:00 PM Africa/Accra PyCon Ghana 2018 The Conference for the Python Programming Community in Ghana is organized by Volunteers and Python enthusiasts from the python programming community in Ghana. Accra, Ghana Python Software Community Ghana

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Pycon Ghana would bring Pythonistas together for an informal networking forum where attendees share ideas, discuss interests, network and learn from each other.