IOT Based Intruder Detection System

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Short Talk
  • Beginner

  • Enoch Sem
    Student at University of Cape Coast


    TITLE: IOT Based Intruder Detection System INTEREST AREA: Embedded systems and IOT with Python LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Beginner friendly

    LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The talk is geared to enlighten developers on innovative ways to create and build embedded python system and application that meet daily requirement

    ABSTRACT TEXT: Security has been a growing concern in Ghana with about 1,000 individuals and organizations reporting intrusions and unlawful entry on a yearly basis. Despite the availability of intrusion detection systems on the market, most of these devices are heavily priced and difficult to install. On an average, a system that can detect and track intruders, sound an alarm, and send SMS notification would cost about GHC1,200. So, are there any low-cost but effective alternatives? And are you interested in learning how to build or manufacture such devices for yourself or other companies as a business? Well in this talk, we will look at how to obtain the electronic devices and components required to build such systems, and how to connect the components to a micro-controller unit (MCU). Next, we will learn how to interact with the components using Python. Finally, there would be a practical demonstration of the system to test its efficiency on the various sensors used and possible customizations for different preferences and situations.

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