Verifying System Requirements Using BDD Tests

  • General Python, Web/DevOps
  • Long Talk
  • Intermediate

  • Samuel Twum
    Software Engineer at South African Radio Astronomy Observatory


    Gherkin is a language which allows you to write tests in an expressive way indicating a pre condition, the trigger and the post condition. This is provisioned in a GIVEN-WHEN-THEN format. For example, Given a speaker submits a PyCon talk proposal, When the panel reviews the proposal Then the talk might be accepted or rejected. In pytest-bdd, the Given-When-Then clauses are pytest fixtures which can be reused across the test module.

    This talk will open with some concepts on TDD and BDD and how they compare. And then introduce the Gherkin language and its syntax and how the written texts map to code. And then I'll show a "live demo" using a simple flask application. I'll end off showing examples of how we're using BDD tests in the SKA Telescope Software and where the code can be accessed. The schedule for the talk should look something like 10 mins for the introductions and then 25 mins for the demo and examples, leaving 5 mins for questions:

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