Where to stay

All hotels/hostels/ are conveniently located and are few minutes drive to the venue. Finding a good hotel/hostels can be tricky. So here are some of our favorite hotels/hostels nearby the event location

M Suites Hotel

From US$ 80 per night

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Mensvic Grand Hotel

From US$120 per night

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Erata Hotel

From US$110 per night

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Oak Plaza Hotel

From US$135.00 per night

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Personal Apartment (AirBnb)
Search for Apartments around University of Ghana

From US$30 per night

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GIMPA Executive Hostel

From US$77 per night


Dr. Hilla Liman Hall

From GHC33 / US$6.88 per night

4 in a Room


Note that the Hostels are International Hostels


Are you looking for a roommate to share the cost of a hotel/hostel room? Head over to the Room Sharing page to find other members of the community who are also looking to share!

If you have questions or issues with Hotel/Hostel bookings, please send an email to: