Reach the top as a software developer: The builder strategy

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  • Prince Dorcis-Akpaglo
    Software Engineer



    The power of an effective software developer, engineer or architect is the ability to create, innovate, and transform ideas into usable applications. In this talk, we share the method to unleash this power and get to the top and become an effective developer.

    Produce what you consume

    Most developers use packages, frameworks, CMSs and the like, to create their applications, usually for free, and eventually, we are becoming more like just consumers of the works of others. Very few get interested in going deep into those packages. Diving into the development of what you consume gives you extra power and opens your mind to all the possibilities that you have. Get something out there attached to your name.

    Innovate, the serial builder

    The ability to innovate is usually seen as a skill only some people are born with. If it is true that some people are natural innovators, anyone can innovate by becoming a serial builder. Good applications are not developed overnight. The creators of those applications try many simple apps then gradually see the challenges they face and resolve them. With the example of Facebook, we will see how to prepare ourselves for innovation. If you do not have an idea, create the app that is what is already there and that you like the most.

    Resist the temptation of creating the most complete app, simple is better

    Has it ever happened to you that you want functionality in an app but the app simply does not have it, yet these apps are from top companies? The room for improving an application is endless and you will never finish adding functionalities. Focus on the main problem you are trying to resolve and launch. The more you grow, the more you can upgrade.

    Connect with peers

    Almost all the great applications we know were developed by teams, usually in pairs. Examples are Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Flutterwave and many more. There is magic in working in a team. When great minds meet, without ego, always comes awesome results. Get yourself a code companion.

    Have a social impact

    The most effective way to get yourself and your applications to the top is to solve a social problem and make a lasting impact on society. The best way to get a social vision is to match your most pressing software development desire with a Sustainable Development Goal.


    Becoming great as a software developer depends tightly on the number of contributions you are making to the community. By following the five points in this talk, and becoming a builder by nature, the developer makes an effective impact on the community and society.

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