Python and MQTT: A head start to IOT communication

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Short Talk
  • Intermediate

  • Prince Odoi
    Software Developer at Freelance


    Communication between devices involves a lot of processes than meets the eye and certain factors greatly influence the success of these processes. Factors such as:

    -Capabilities of the devices.

    -Amount of data that can be exchanged in a communication connection among devices.

    -The environment in which the communication devices are located also have an effect on the quality of communication.

    It is not always possible to meet the demands of these factors. For instance, factory floors are known for having poor internet connections and certain devices especially IOT devices do not have advanced networking tools. The MQTT protocol was introduced as a low latency communication protocol for such environment and for IOT devices to communicate in real time without any large communication overheads. This talk covers the essential aspects of the protocol, its architecture, how to get started and implementation in python.

    This talk will cover three interesting topics that intermediate python programmers and beginner IOT developers need to understand in order to successfully implement the protocol.

    -MQTT Architecture.

    -Setting up MQTT Broker Server.

    -Implementation in Python, at this stage I will cover the MQTT python package.

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